Focus on the EU Youth Dialgue

What is the EU Youth Dialogue?

The EU Youth Dialogue is a dialogue mechanism between young people and decision makers taking place in the framework of the EU Youth Strategy. This is a way to ensure that the opinion, views and needs of young people and youth organizations are taken into account when defining the EU’s youth policies.

The dialogue with policy makers and other dialogue activities happen in 18-month work cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different theme set by the Council of Youth Ministers.

Once national and European activities are over, the results are compiled, analyzed and further discussed at the EU Youth Conferences. There, youth representatives and policy makers have the opportunity to work together and present a joint message to the EU. These conferences take place twice a year and are hosted by the country that holds the EU Presidency.

The last cycle saw the creation of 11 Youth Goals in 2018 that were then added to the EU Youth Strategy following a political process and negotiations in the Council of the EU.



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