International seminar in Italy

The international seminar, entitled “(E-democracy) Connecting local and European actions using digital tools in political activities” is aimed at giving the participants an introduction to the topic of e-democracy and digital youth dialogue, and inspire them to engage in the activities using digital tools on a local level.

Participants at the seminar will discuss about what they have done at local level and they share results in order to update the platform and its contents. During this seminar we will organize a NGO Fair and we will favor the sharing of experience and discussions among youths, international participants and local politicians.

The seminar will also serve as a mid-term evaluation since it is planned in the middle of the process. So, we will have a common vision of the activities and the ongoing process.

The seminar will be hosted in Cagliari from 20 to 24 July 2021 and it will involve 6 participants per country. A mix of non-formal activities, participatory methodologies and institutional meetings will enrich the agenda of activities.



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