Meeting with the Ministry for Social Inclusion in Malta

People sit in a table for a meeting

In the framework of the local activities foreseen by the project, the local working group of Malta had the opportunity to meet the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties.

In the spirit of open and transparent governance, the Ministry ù encourages the general public, civil society organizations, trade unions, business organizations, political parties, governmental institutions and all others that would like to contribute, to participate in the process of online public consultation and this aspect is very important considering the themes of the project.

The meeting, entitled “Transferring local youth participation in decision-making processes to the digital sphere” was an opportunity to discuss a current issue and deepen the main object of the project. The meeting also was attended by several institutions, including the Minister, and the young people involved in the project. This allowed, moreover, to start a process of dialogue and consultation between the parties, discussing the instances and ideas emerged during the seminar in July.


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