Policy papers and online pools

December 31st ,  is the closing date for the project. From this moment will be carried out the dissemination campaign that will take place through activities in presence (on the territory) and online activities.

The main results of the project are:

  • Tools and best practices in the field of project management (with specific regard to the Key Action 3 of the Erasmus Plus programme;
  • Online contents and materials uploaded in the official platform;
  • Results, information from the discussion and from the online pools collected in 8 info graphics;
  • Policy papers and recommendations that can be shared in order to inspire Institutions, politicians, youngsters and beneficiaries.

All the materials are online and can be viewed online in the official platform of the project DIGITALYOUTHDAILOGUE.EU  which currently represents the main result as well as the tool used to foster dialogue and participation through an online approach.

The platform also contains a diary created by the participants adopting the methodologies of digital storytelling that tells, day by day through activities and video interviews, the progress of the international activities of the project.



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