digital youth dialogue


Are you familiar with the European Youth Dialogue? What is it all about? Do you want to know more about the project and its management? Discover the rules for dissemination and proper management of all its phases summarized in the following practical guides.

A) Dissemination Guideline

All of the project’s products must have the obligatory logos of the Erasmus+ Programme, the European Commission, the disclaimers connected with the support of the National Agency (…)

B) Participant Profile

The project will last 12 months. For its whole duration we will involve evenly all the actors involved in the process of Youth Dialogue, both European and local, and in the political issues related to this project (…)

C) Effective Implementation

Through the different activities that are thought for this project, we aim at raising awareness on new forms of active participation based on the theme of digital democracy (…)

D) Resolution on the EU Youth Strategy

Young people are keen to take control of their lives and engage with and support others. When taking control, they experience several typical transitions in their personal (…)

E) Report VII Cycle EU Youth Dialogue

The 7th Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue: Pool of European Youth Researchers coordinated by the EU-CoE partnership in the field of youth (…)

F) Project Presentation

To support the active participation of young people in democratic life, encouraging the digital youth dialogue on key issues that concern them closely following the priorities established by the EU Strategy 2019-2027 (…)